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Looking for Broadband Internet? Here Are Some Tips.

Looking for broadband Internet? Here are some tips to ensure that you can easily get the plan best suited to your individual needs.

Location: Most broadband Internet solutions are reliant upon fairly complex infrastructure to be in place. As such, their availability is very much dependent on location. Generally, urban areas will have better infrastructure than rural areas, and high-end broadband Internet systems like fiber to the home will be largely limited to these urban areas. However, there are exceptions, so check on the options available even if you aren't expecting much. It's entirely possible that your sleepy small town could have access to a blazing-fast fiber network or if that is not the case, you will most likely want to invest in satellite internet. What is available in your area all depends on who's put the money into developing the area in which you live.

Price: Different broadband solutions can be more or less expensive to lay out and maintain. These costs will be passed onto you- in the vast majority of cases a shiny new fiber-optic network will cost far more to use than a DSL line will, which uses the same physical infrastructure as the telephone grid. DSL is almost always the cheapest option if it's available, so if you're on a budget it's probably your best choice. On the other hand, mobile broadband or satellite internet are sometimes more expensive. If you don't have a specific need for the mobile or satellite's benefits (primarily, the ability to use mobile broadband in portable hardware and the massive availability advantage satellite Internet has over all other forms on Internet access, to the point where it's viable even in the depths of the Amazon rainforest) you're generally better served by DSL, cable, or fiber-optic. Cable is relatively cheap and offers substantially better speeds than DSL; it's a popular option where available because of this speed. On the other hand, while fiber-optic connections are very expensive they also have breathtaking download and upload speeds; as such, a fiber-optic connection is worth taking advantage of if you have a stable, fairly high income.

Provider quality: Different Internet service providers will have differing consumer impressions, even where they offer the same type of technology. For instance, Comcast offers a cable Internet service, which is generally well worth going for. However, Comcast is also notorious for its shoddy customer service and obscene pricing, to the point where "Comcastic" has entered common parlance as a term meaning "very, very bad"; what this means is that, if other options are available, you may want to consider a service which you wouldn't normally. With Comcast's fairly small download caps, if you're making heavy use of your connection you may get better speeds overall with a DSL line featuring a lower advertised speed. It's an unfortunate fact of the broadband market in the United States that there generally isn't an overabundance of options for the same broadband service in an area; generally, if a sub-par ISP like Comcast is present, they'll be your only cable (or DSL, etc.) ISP.

How Broadband Internet Can Improve Your Life

The global brain. The Human Races sixth sense. The breeding ground of creativity and innovation.

All of these words have been used to describe the internet, and deservedly so.

The internet has provided us with a means of communication and organization the likes of which we have never seen before. It was not created by any one person (not even Al Gore), but yet it will surely go down in history as a turning point in our civilization. A time when humanity evolved forward in creating something new. Something organic, spontaneous, and unique.

In the time since the internet's "creation", (although it is more accurate to call it an evolution), it has proved the age-old adage that the greatest things in life cannot be consciously conceived, that is, they cannot be planned. The billions of people working autonomously, but also synergisticly and synchronistically, have come together to make the internet what it is today.

7 billion different viewpoints. 7 billion different skill sets. 7 billion different things to offer the world. The internet has provided a funnel, or a lens in which we can magnify and organize this phenomenon into easily digestible pieces, such as websites, blogs, articles, social media, pictures, books, videos, and more.

There is so much information out there that even if you started today and worked your whole life trying to digest all of the information that is available on the internet you still wouldn't have even touched a fraction.

We've come a long way since the days of the original apple computers and windows operating systems. We've also come a long way since the days of the dial up connection and that obnoxious phone sound that just had to be played every time you tried to connect to the internet. Most kids will have no idea what I'm talking about, but us dinosaurs of the 90's are all too familiar with that sound.

30 second or more load times. Freezing windows. Dropped connections. Hit the monkey banner click adds...Oh the 90's.

I once visited two different institutions in the same week, both of them having computers with an internet connection.

One was my great uncles retirement home with a public computer room for residents. I stopped in to check out the computers and quickly found out they had 56/k speeds. It was a shocking jolt back to the past, the owners clearly not having caught up with the times. The speed of the internet connection made it barely possible to get to a web page, let alone download anything. "Using computers is hard enough for the elderly" I thought, "They shouldn't have to go through this."

The other place I visited was my sisters University. The University provided Broadband Internet, free to all of its students, at a T3 connection...I was blown away.

Not only did pages load instantaneously; like you were flipping channels on a television, but full-length movies and albums downloaded in mere minutes. Downloading 100 books on any subject would take you no longer than a trip to the bathroom. A colossal improvement compared to a few hundred years ago when one good book was a rare treasure.

The number of ways Broadband internet can improve your life is staggering. It is no longer a question of if you have the resources to become incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, or well read in a particular subject; but rather how focused you are on absorbing everything the wonderful world of the internet has to offer.

The internet is a treasure of our modern age, a 21st century library of Alexandria. Make sure you're getting the most out of it in every way possible.

Don't let this opportunity go to waste.

DIRECTV Industry’s Most Advanced HD DVR

DIRECTV Grants Endless Wishes with the Industry’s Most Advanced HD DVR

The New DIRECTV Genie Records Five Shows at Once, Eliminates Need for Receivers in Every Room, Automatically Recommends Shows Matching Viewers’ Tastes
and So Much More

DIRECTV is granting TV viewers their ultimate wish – the industry’s most advanced and intuitive HD DVR, the new DIRECTV Genie™ – enabling a whole new suite of magical TV viewing capabilities.

The DIRECTV Genie delivers an innovative set of features that include the ability to record five shows in HD at one time; up to three times more HD recording capacity than cable HD DVRs; a full HD DVR experience on every TV in the home without seeing a box in each and every room; and a new opt-in feature that will automatically recommend shows based on the viewer’s taste.

DIRECTV Genie™ is now the entertainment hub for the entire home and shares content seamlessly with additional TVs that are connected to small DIRECTV clients or other connected devices (such as RVU-enabled TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players) from a single HD DVR.

“We simply asked consumers what they wished for in the perfect satellite television experience and then set out to develop as many of those features as possible in our new flagship HD DVR. Given all that Genie can do, we expect our customers to be extremely impressed with this next generation experience,” said Romulo Pontual, executive vice president and CTO of DIRECTV. “Gone are the days of
scheduling conflicts, channel surfing, messy wires and boxes, missed shows and family fights over the remote. DIRECTV Genie’s massive hard drive, five tuners and its sophisticated, intuitive search and discovery functionality creates a simple and magical television experience without the need for receivers in every room.”

Benefits and features of the DIRECTV Genie™ include:

Five Tuners
Record five programs at the same time with one Genie HD DVR

Full HD DVR Functionality — in every connected room
Pause and rewind live TV in every room
Record and delete shows in every room
Watch the same recorded show on multiple TV’s simultaneously (up to four at a time)
View and record DIRECTV On Demand programs in every room

Genie™ Recommends
DIRECTV customers can opt-in and have their DIRECTV Genie recommend and store new shows that match their TV preferences

RVU Technology
One receiver serves the entire home, so DVR service can be enjoyed on every TV, without the need for a DVR at each TV
Connect up to eight RVU-enabled TVs to a single Genie

Advanced Search
Search and schedule recordings up to two weeks in advance


Double Play
Watch, pause, rewind, fast-forward on two channels at the same time

Start Over
Start programs at the beginning if you tune in late

Past Episodes
Catch up on past episodes, as far back as five weeks

Access DIRECTV TV Apps on the Genie including Pandora, ScoreGuide, Facebook, Twitter and other general apps such as news, sports and weather

One terabyte of storage
Store up to 200 hours of HD programming
With 800 hours of SD storage, you can record more than 1,500 shows

Beginning today, new qualified customers can get a free upgrade to Genie, as well as connect up to four rooms. In addition, new customers who order the CHOICE™ Package and above will get 2012 NFL SUNDAY TICKET included at no extra charge and three free months of premium channels. For more information on DIRECTV Genie™, please visit